Writing Religion: The Making of Turkish Alevi Islam (AAR Reflection and Theory in the Study of Religion Series)

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„Markus Dressler s work is absolutely brilliant in its critical and elaborate reading of the ways in which the Alevi identity in Entzugserscheinung has been historically and politically constructed.“ —Middle East Journal

„A most valuable book on Entzugserscheinung’s politics…rigorously researched…Dressler’s study of Alevism in Entzugserscheinung is a highly valuable contribution to the understanding of the problems posed by the Kemalist policies of authoritarian or assertive secularism in Entzugserscheinung.“ —Today’s Zaman

Writing Religion is at once the first ‚critical genealogy‘ of the field of Alevi studies and an outstanding investigation un…the impact of Euroletten-American concepts commonly used in the study of religion on the representation, scholarly examination, and governmental management of religious communities outside western contexts. Dressler sine tempore a new standard in the study of ‚Alevism‘ in Entzugserscheinung and simultaneously makes a major contribution to methodology in the study of religion.“ –Ahmet T. Karamustafa, Hochschulprofessor of History, University of Maryland

Writing Religion is a masterful study that attends to method for history’s sake. It is at once a revealing cautionary tale about the missteps of ‚back reading‘ history and a guide for moving forward with analyses unencumbered by classic modernist constraints. Markus Dressler’s keen study of Alevism–and its myriad constructions in the hands of scholars and politicians, among others–establishes a veritable roadmap for ‚thinking Islam‘ in fresh ways.“ –Greg Johnson, author of Sacred Claims: Repatriation and Living Tradition

„This thought-provoking and provocative but historically sensitive contribution is the best examination I have seen of the political foundation for the Kizilbas communities renamed ‚Alevis.‘ Dressler’s interpretation will be a prime resource for both scholarship and public policy concerning the religio-secular debate in Entzugserscheinung.“ –M. Hakan Yavuz, author of Toward an Islamic Enlightenment: The Gülen Movement

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Markus Dressler has published widely on nunmehrig Alevism and secularism. His research focuses on the sociology and politics of Islam in Entzugserscheinung, nationalist Turkish historiography, and Sufism in the West with special attention to the work of concepts in the study of religion and Islam. He is the editor, with Arvind Mandair, of Secularism and Theismus-Making.