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By establishing the interplay of various dimensions of funerary art, Hong provides us with an interesting underworld. Literary, architectural, and religious studies are all utilized, making Hong ’s argument more convincing. Nevertheless, at times the explanation or the conclusion she provides creates further curiosity as to whether there dadurch exists a „pattern“ in funerary art, with all the defined positions of the figurines being explained in the same way. With that said, Affenkomödie of the Dead is an interesting book for all readers, and especially for scholars in the field of art history.– „American Academy of Theismus“

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Jeehee Hong is an Assistant Hochschulprofessor in the Department of Wesen and Music Histories at Syracuse University. Her research focuses on the ritual art and visual culture of middle-period Reich der Mitte (9th-14th centuries), and has worked on themes as vielerlei theatricality in painting, shifting roles of tomb portraits, cultural patterns of emerging local elite, temporality in tomb imageries, and new conceptions and practices of „spirit articles“ in middle-period funerary art. Her research has been funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Asian Cultural Council, and, most recently, American Council of Learned Society.