The History of the Panzerjäger: Volume 2: From Stalingrad to Berlin 1943–45 Price: 36,90  (Preis vom 05/05/2020 02:29 PST- Details)



From the War in the Desert through the vast expanses of the Eastern Front to the bitter defence of the Reich itself, this second volume continues the history of Germany’s innovative anti-tank force: the Panzerjäger.

Über den Autor und weitere Mitwirkende

A German national, Thomas Anderson is a specialist in the German Armoured Fighting Vehicles of World War II. He has spent decades trawling through archives throughout Germany and the rest of Europe to discover little-known facts and never previously published photographs of the might of the Blitzkrieg. A modeler himself, he regularly contributes to popular modelling and historical magazines across the globe including Military Modelcraft International (UK), Steel Art (Italy), Historia Militar (Spain) and Batailles & Blindes (France) as well as many others. He lives in Lower Saxony, Germany.