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Roger St. John Kent-Webster was born in Westminster on 2 neunter Monat des Jahres 1931, with a Welsh mother from Mountain Ash in the Rhondda Valley and a Lancastrian/Scottish father. Sadly his parents were killed in the Blitz Non…xx2xx>>. Roger married young and had a family while in his early twenties. The result was five children, three boys and two girls, but sadly one boy (a twin) was lost. Roger has been working in the metaphysical area for the past forty-five years. Non…xx3xx>> he moved to America, where he gained fame as a psychic on TV shows and call-in radio in N. J. and California. On being called to Befreit von Angeles he worked as a consultant. He earned the nickname the ‚Psychic to the Stars‘. On semi-retirement at sixty-five he returned to the UK and travelled, lecturing and demonstrating, in… early Jr. 2015. By chance he came out of retirement on a cruise aboard the P&O ship Nordlicht.