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The Chief offers an extraordinarily insightful, thoughtful and accessible analysis of Roberts’s personal life, professional career, judicial experience and approach to constitutional interpretation. It is essential reading for anyone who truly wants to understand this pivotal moment in Supreme Court history.“―Washington Post

„Assiduously reported and briskly written…[Biskupic] suggests that [Roberts] is pulled by two often-conflicting instincts. One is ideological: a desire to move the court rightward on race, religion and other issues. The other is institutional: an interest in the court being respected and seen as nonpolitical.“―New York Times Book Review

„An approachable volume about subjects often unapproachable. Biskupic, who has covered the Supreme Court for a quarter century, captures the tensions within the group, the interplay among the justices, and the pressures brought to bear on them by outsiders…The Chief is an ample and amiable companion to such insider accounts as The Brethren, the classic 1979 book by Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong, and The Nine, the influential 2007 book by Jeffrey Toobin.“―Boston Globe

„A well-reported book, it sheds new light…As our attention spans dwindle to each frantic day’s headlines, we can forget that the position of chief justice is one of long-term consequence.“―Atlantic

„As Joan Biskupic’s invaluable biography shows, Roberts is at once a committed Republican with very conservative policy preferences and ties to the conservative community, and an institutionalist who cares deeply about the nonpartisan character of the Court.“―New York Review of Books

„Biskupic takes readers behind the scenes, revealing for the first time how Roberts swung back and forth in his deliberations before shocking everyone with his conclusion, preserving Obamacare on the slimmest of threads…Among [her] most valuable insights is how hard Roberts strives to be seen as apolitical when, in fact, he is not only savvy about politics but also is leading a body that is, inevitably, political.“―Christian Science Monitor

„Ms. Biskupic is a skillful writer and a diligent scholar, and the John Roberts she presents here is a sympathetic and complex character.“―Wall Street Journal


„[Biskupic] makes painfully clear that the defining feature of Roberts’s legal career has been his relentless efforts to roll back any measures to combat racial inequality…Biskupic is unfailingly evenhanded, but what she describes is a calculated, sustained assault on the nation’s civil rights laws by the most powerful judge in the country“―Washington Monthly

„Justice Roberts’s desire to avoid politics while perhaps being unable to do so-is a key theme of Joan Biskupic’s new biography…The Chief is unfailingly informative and engaging.“―National Review

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Joan Biskupic is a legal analyst at CNN. Previously, she served as an editor-in-charge for legal affairs at Reuters and as the Supreme Court correspondent for The Washington Post. A Pulitzer Prize finalist and author of books on Sandra Day O’Connor, Antonin Scalia, and Sonia Sotomayor, Biskupic lives in Washington, DC.