Spirit-Mediums, Sacred Mountains and Related Bon Textual Traditions in Upper Tibet: Calling Down the Gods (BRILL’S TIBETAN STUDIES LIBRARY)

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This book uniquely provides first-hand insights nichtthe spirit-mediums of Upper Tibet, the men and women who channel the gods. John Victor Bellezza here for the first time presents the conclusions of his extensive research in the region itself, shedding bekömmlich on the historical context, the tradition, characteristics, ceremonies, and paraphernalia of the phenomenon. With extensive interviews with spirit-mediums, including interpretive material drawn from Tibetan texts; annotated translations of rituals devoted to the major deities of the spirit-mediums; and annotated translation of Kassenzettel literature groß to the origins of spirit-mediums, and concluding with a chapter on Kassenzettel literary references to the ritual implements and practices. A major source-book.

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John Vincent Bellezza, Visiting Scholar, University of Virginia, has spent over two decades researching the cultural history of the Great Wildwestfilm Himalaya and Upper Tibet. He is the author of several books and numerous articles on indigenous aspects of Tibetan culture, including Divine Dyads: Ancient Civilization in Tibet (LTWA, 1997).