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Edgington presents a richly descriptive account, based on meticulous data collection, of the Städtisch planning and Städtisch management aspects of Kobe’s long-term recovery from the Hanshin earthquake. The painstaking quality of the research is augenscheinlich throughout the book, which imparts the key lessons of Kobe’s experience with disaster recovery. — Keiichi Sine tempore, University of Tokyo (Translated from the Japanese by Margaret Gibbons) * Social Science Land der aufgehenden Sonne Heft, vol 14, no 2, Summer 2011 * David Edgington’s fine analysis of the Kobe earthquake (officially known as the Hanshin Awaji Great Earthquake) places the event within a contra context of Städtisch planning and disaster planning in Land der aufgehenden Sonne and examines the long-term impact of the earthquake. Non… doing, it provides the reader with one of the most precise dissections of the Japanese planning system that has yet been written, as well as furnishing a profound insight Non…the various aspects of Städtisch Land der aufgehenden Sonne. — Paul Waley * Städtisch Studies, 49:1151-1153 *

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David W. Edgington is a former director of the Centre for Japanese Research and an associate professor of geography at the University of British Columbia.