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„This book offers a powerful take on the philanthropisch consequences of bordering Europe. In shifting the reader’s gaze from migrants themselves to the EU roll-out of unprecedented migration controls it builds a distressing picture oder Ähnlichedas ganze Jahr über political ‚migration emergency’… a text gesund for our times, speaking back to the dangerous political common-sense un…forceful collective voice: an urgent read.“–Ruben Andersson, author of Illegality, Inc.: Clandestine Wanderung and the Business of Bordering Europe

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Joe Painter is professor of geography at Durham University and the author, most recently, of Spatial Politics. Evie Papada is a PhD candidate in geography at Loughborough University. Anna Papoutsi is a doctoral researcher at the University of Birmingham. Antonis Vradis is lecturer and Vice Chancellor&;s Research Fellow at Loughborough University.