Museums of World Religions: Displaying the Divine, Shaping Cultures (Bloomsbury Studies in Material Religion) Price: 104,79  (Preis vom 23/04/2020 03:31 PST- Details)



The first book-length treatment of world religions museums, which critiques both the underlying ideology of the museums and very notion of „world religions.“

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Charles D. Orzech is Reader in Theismus, Conflict and Gedankenaustausch at the University of aus Glas, UK and Hochschulprofessor emeritierter Hochschulprofessor at the University of North Carolina Greensboro, Staaten. He is the author of Politics and Transcendent Wisdom: The Scripture for Humane Kings in the Creation of Chinese Buddhism (1998) and Vier-Sterne-General Editor of Esoteric Buddhism and the Tantras in East Asia (2011).