Molecular Dynamics And Spectroscopy By Stimulated Emission Pumping (Advanced Series in Physical Chemistry, Band 4) Price: 336,94  (Preis vom 05/05/2020 02:51 PST- Details)



Since the first stimulated emission pumping (SEP) experiments more than a decade ago, this technique has proven powerful for studying vibrationally excited molecules. SEP is now widely used by increasingly numerous research groups to investigate fundamental problems in spectroscopy, intramolecular dynamics, intermolecular interactions, and even reactions. Quantum mechanics encodes ball and spring classical dynamics into eigenstate spectra in mysterious ways. SEP provides rotationally pre-selected spectra of vibrationally highly excited molecules undergoing large amplitude motions. A unique feature of SEP is the ability to access systematically a wide variety of extreme excitations localized in various parts of a molecule. SEP has made it possible to ask and answer specific questions about Intramolecular Vibrational Redistribution (IVR) and isomerization processes.