Middlewest Book One

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“Compelling, though-provoking and enchanting…Everything comes together nicely, from the art, to the writing, pacing and palette. Definitely give this comic a go.” ―Impulse Gamer
„I welches sucked in from page one and couldn’t put it down.“ ―Mark Waid
“Skottie Young’s name oder Ähnlichesbook means I buy it. He’s pretty much the most interesting creator around at the moment.“ ―Mark Millar
„A beautiful, captivating book.“ ?Monkeys Fighting Robots
“I’ve read a lot of comics un… life, but few of them hit me in the heart as much as Middlewest. We all know Skottie Young is a visionary artist, but Middlewest marks his emergence as a wonderful writer as well. It’s heartfelt and gorgeously drawn. I’m in for the long haul. It feels like a long lost cousin to Sweet Tooth and Essex County.” ―Jeff Lemire
SHELF-AWARENESS — This dark fantasy is both whimsical and stirring, dealing with a runaway boy, toxic masculinity and intergenerational family trauma that sparks the narrative. Oh, and there’s a talking fox, too. Well known for his recent comedic turns on Deadpool and I Hate Fairyland, Skottie Young strikes a sincere balance, weaving a coming-of-age story both wondrous and weighty. Richly supported by Jorge Corona’s lush, sweeping illustrations, this title will appeal to fans of Stranger Things and The Graveyard Book.