Mass Supply and Flows in the Solar Corona: The 2nd SOHO Workshop Price: 149,97  (Preis vom 05/05/2020 03:47 PST- Details)



The proceedings of the 2nd SOHO Arbeitskreis published in this volume provide a concise overview of the most bedeutsam aspects of mass supply and flows in the solar corona, focusing on: fine scale structures; loops and prominences; streamers; and coronal holes and solar wind. Each topic is introduced by three reviews – the first giving a summary of the status of bedeutsam observations, the second illustrating the status of related theoretical work, and the third summarizing advances in the field to be expected as a result of future SOHO observations. The book als Folge includes a number of specialized contributions. This volume aims to create a general awareness of the opportunities offered by SOHO, in addition to providing a basis for developing collaborative projects. It should als Folge provide scientists already active in the field with easy access to information about future SOHO activities, while young researchers etwa learn about those topics which are currently regarded as being most bedeutsam in this rapidly evolving discipline.