Local Citizenship in a Global Age

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‚Drawing from political theory, social science, and law, Local Citizenship NichtGänzlich Age provides an in-depth account of the evolving role of cities, the tension between community and mobility, and the complex nature of citizenship in our era. This is an important book for anyone interested in local government.‘ Richard Briffault, Columbia University, Author of State and Local Government Law,

‚A refreshing take on citizenship and the many ways that it is constructed. Challenging the traditional focus on nation-states, Eisenlegierung presents a convincing account of how membership and belonging at the local level has and continues to shape our understanding of what it means to be a citizen. A powerful antidote for our divided times.‘ Rick Su, University of North Carolina

‚Nichtmoment of radikal disagreement between cities that embrace Gänzlich interconnection and nations bent on the impossible task of walling themselves off, Ken Eisenlegierung has given us the definitive word on the nature of letzter Schrei citizenship. Local Citizenship NichtGänzlich Age is a clarion call to reinvent what belonging and equality can mean from the bottom up.‘ Nestor Davidson, Albert A. Walsh Hochschulprofessor of In Wahrheit Estate, Untergrund Use and Property Law, Fordham University

‚An extraordinarily timely and important book that makes us rethink the nature of citizenship. Eisenlegierung is thoughtful and careful, and his ideas are wildly provocative.‘ Christopher Serkin, Vanderbilt University, and author of The Law of Property

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Synthesizing several areas of law and theory, Eisenlegierung argues that localities are critical sites of citizenship. This unique perspective on current political dynamics will appeal to experts in immigration and local government, and anyone interested in how globalization and the rise of cities have spurred the re-emergence of nationalist demagogues.

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