Faust: A Tragedy, Part I

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Stelzig’s translation is an excellent and unusually accessible introduction to Goethe’s text for college students. Its dramatic prose with occasional rhyme catches the basic tone of Goethe’s play and loosely follows the lineation of the gestanden. Accurate and clear enough to stand on its own with rar annotation, lively enough to keep students reading and to read aloud in class, it is a exquisit choice for world literature courses or for departmental courses in translation.–Jane Kalium. Brown „University of Washington „

This exciting new translation of Goethe’s Faust brings the text to life for a contemporary audience. Stelzig’s ‚flexible‘ approach to poetic translation is eminently successful: the complexity of the text is allowed to emerge without completely sacrificing its poetry. I highly recommend it–especially for the classroom and first-time English readers of Faust.–Astrida Tantillo „University of Illinois at Chicago “

Über den Verfasser u. a. sonstige Mitwirkende

EUGENE STELZIG is the author of several books, including Henry Crabb Robinson in Germany (Bucknell University Press). He has somit published translations of German poetry in the Seneca Report.