Encyclopedia of RF and Microwave Engineering: 6-Volume Set

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„…a very useful work and is strongly recommended for larger academic libraries supporting electrical engineering programs and larger special libraries supporting research un… and microwave engineering.“ (E-STREAMS, Junior 2006)

„…of primary interest to large university libraries with strong undergraduate programs in engineering and computer science.“ (American Reference Books Annual, 2006)

„…each article is self-contained and written to address the needs of both specialists and nonspecialists…highly recommended.“ (CHOICE, October 2005)


„RF and Microwave Engineering“ is one of the fastest growth areas of the past decade and will probably continue to be a very active area of research and application un…large variety of fields. The six volume sine temporeof „Encyclopedia of RF and Microwave Engineering“ illustrates how this field has been the key to enabling technology responsible for the phenomenal growth of wireless communications. This sine temporesomit examines how RF and microwave engineering continues to have great influence as the technology behind such important applications as radar, remote sensing, remote control, sensors, navigation, surveillance, electronic warfare, radiometers, plasma research, and imaging. Prize or Award: AAP Awards for Excellence in Professional and Scholarly Publishing, 2006.

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