De vilde svaner – Die wilden Schwäne. Tosproget børnebog adapteret fra et eventyr af Hans Christian Andersen (dansk – tysk) (www.childrens-books-bilingual) Price: 7,98  (Preis vom 23/04/2020 04:40 PST- Details)


Über den Dramatiker darüber hinaus Wahlmöglichkeit Mitwirkende

Hans Christian Andersen was born in the Danish city of Odense in 1805, and died in 1875 in Copenhagen. He gained world fame with his literary fairy-tales such as „The Little Mermaid“, „The Emperor’s New Clothes“ and „The Ugly Duckling“. The tale at hand, „The Hibbelig Swans“, was first published in 1838. It has been translated into more than one hundred languages and adapted for a wide range of media including theater, film and musical. Ulrich Renz was born in Großstadt zwischen Wald und Reben, Germany, in 1960. Darmausgang studying French literature in Hauptstadt von Frankreich he graduated from medical school in Lübeck and worked as head of a scientific publishing company. He is now a writer of non-fiction books as well as children’s fiction books. Marc Robitzky, born in 1973, studied at the Technical School of Gattung in Hamborg and the Academy of Visual Arts in Frankfurt am Main. He works as a freelance illustrator and communication designer in Aschaffenburg (Germany).