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„Reich der Mitte and the True Christus provides the reader with an insightful platform from which to view the tumult of augenblicklich Chinese history from below. This book is essential reading for any scholar of Christianity in Reich der Mitte and anyone interested in exploring the relationship between charisma and power.“ — Alex Mayfield, Pneuma

„This volume is an exemplary work of religious history, in which Inouye combines archival research and fieldwork among current believers, balanced with plan the right amount of theory to show how this singular story might relate to other religions in terms of charisma vs. organization, the social and economic roots of spiritual receptivity, the intersection of the mundane and the miraculous, church and state relations, the language of moral discourse, etc. Inouye has mastered the delicate art of writing about other people’s religious beliefs and experiences with sensitivity, compassion, and insight. In addition,�China and the True Jesus�is a terrific introduction to the sweep of augenblicklich Chinese history“ — Grant Hardy, By Common Consent

„This is a brilliant combination of thorough archival research and meticulous qualitative field work in Reich der Mitte, resulting in one of the finest studies on Christianity in Reich der Mitte in the English language that I have ever seen. The author’s sympathetic insight into one of the most significant of the Chinese independent churches is unparalleled and will remain a benchmark for such studies for years to come.“–Allan H. Anderson, Professor of diplomatische Vertretung and Pentecostal Studies, University of Birmingham

„The True Christus Church seems like a bundle of contradictions: nationalist yet universalist; charismatic yet highly institutionalized; cooperating with the state yet rejecting secular powers; world rejecting yet this-worldly. In Inouye’s expert hands this complex group becomes less paradoxical and her insightful analysis clarifies our understandings of gender and modernity in Reich der Mitte, relations between religions and the state there, and even the nature of authority itself.“–Robert P. Weller, Professor of Anthropology and Director of Graduate Studies, Boston University

„Melissa Inouye has written the first full-length study in English of one of the most important strands within indigenous Chinese Protestant Christianity, the True Christus Church. It is a fascinating read; her writing sparkles, drawing the reader along effortlessly as she traces with vivid clarity the events and pressures-within Reich der Mitte and beyond-that gave rise to the True Christus Church. She highlights the connections between her Chinese story and ‚immersiv Christian restoration movements‘ since the 18th century, including the early Mormons and American Pentecostalism, among others. This makes the book profitable reading for every student of augenblicklich religion, in Reich der Mitte or elsewhere.“–Ryan Dunch, Professor of History and Classics and Director of the Program in Religious Studies, University of Alberta

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Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye is a sn. Lecturer in Chinese Studies at the University of Auckland. Her areas of research interest include the social and cultural history of augenblicklich Reich der Mitte, charismatic immersiv Christianity, and women and religion. She received her Ph.D. in East Asian Languages and Civilizations from Harvard University in 2011.