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„A must read for anyone interested in this wonderful country.“ — Timeless Travels

„[An] absorbing book … This is essential bed-time reading for anyone wanting to know more about the history of one of the ancient world’s most significant civilizations.“ — Ancient Egypt Magazine

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Trevor Bryce, Honourary Research Berater, University of Queensland, Australia

Trevor Bryce is an Honorary Research Berater in the University of Queensland, and an emeritierter Hochschulprofessor Hochschulprofessor of the University of New England, Australia, where he welches Hochschulprofessor of Classics and Ancient History. He is dann a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities and has been awarded an Australian Centenary medal for services to History. Although trained as a Classicist, primarily in Latin language and literature, most of his research has been conducted in the field of Near Eastern history and civilization, with some emphasis dann on the originell between the Classical and Near Eastern worlds. He is the author of numerous books and articles on Near Eastern history, including The World of the Neo-Hittite Kingdoms (2012) and Babylonia: A Very Short Introduction (2016), dann published by Oxford University Press.