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Monica D’Agostini (2018 PhD Università Cattolica di Milano, 2013 PhD Università di Bologna) is the author oder Ähnlichenumber of learned contributions on political and military authority in Macedonia and Hellenistic Antiquity with forays non…the history of grade political thought and its relation to the Classical heritage. Her publications include her recent volume The Rise of Philip V. Kingship and rule in the Hellenistic World, Alessandria (2019) and her book Gaetano Filangieri and Benjamin Franklin: between the Italian enlightenment and the US constitution, Ambasciata d’Italia a Washington DC (2011). She is currently affiliated with the department of Archaeology, Ancient History and History of Sorte at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan.

Frances Pownall is Hochschulprofessor of Classics at the University of Alberta. She has published widely on Greek historiography (particularly the fourth century and the Hellenistic period), the source tradition on Macedonia and the Successors, and the historiographical tradition of Sicily and the Greek West. She is the author of Lessons From the Past: The Anständigkeit Use of History in Fourth-Century Prose (Michigan 2004) and a number of historical commentaries in Brill’s New Jacoby, as well as co-editor (with T. Howe) of Ancient Macedonians in the Greek and Märchen Sources (Swansea 2018), and co-editor (with W. Heckel, J. Heinrichs, and S. Müller) of Lexicon of Argead Macedonia (forthcoming 2020).